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Science Behind ShakeSphere


Patented Design

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Our ShakeSphere Tumbler’s internal capsule shape comprising of 2 opposing half hemispheres creates a centrifugal force which breaks down all powders and mixtures with ease - leaving ZERO waste and ZERO mess.

Rugged Material and Leak Proof

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Our tumbler shaker cup comes with a slide cap that’s safe, secure and leak proof. It won’t drip on your clothing or poke you in the eye during use. Made from BPA free plastic, ShakeSphere’s rugged and sturdy design is freezer safe. NOT dishwasher safe!

Gym Protein Shaker

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No Corners, No Stick

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The scientifically designed shape has been tested millions of times to ensure cleaning is equally as easy as mixing. The patented capsule shape does the mixing by continually sending your ingredients around the capsule without getting stuck in corners.

No Waste, No Smell


Unlike other protein shakers, Shakesphere shaker tumblers don’t use a mixing ball or mesh grid to mix your ingredients. Instead, Your Shakes and drinks get blended smoothly and effectively, helping avoid lumps. No lumps mean no was waste. No waste means no nasty smells.


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