ShakeSphere Tumbler has no corners! The patented capsule shape is the perfect mixing environment allowing centrifugal force to break down soft fruit and supplements in the flash of a hand without the need for any mixing accessories. No supplements get stuck so you consume all your mixture, making it super easy to clean and saving you time and money.

Capsule Shape - The opposing hemispheres (comprising of the lid and base of the bottle) create the perfect mixing environment without the need for mixing accessories. With this shape there is near zero remanence left in the bottle preventing horrible smells. Slide cap - When shaking ShakeSphere the capsule shape does the mixing for you. Any excess liquid left on the underside of the cap pours back into the bottle when sliding open rather than dripping on your best top! No Corners - Because ShakeSphere has no corners nothing gets stuck anywhere. This avoids any protein being wasted, which saves you money and time cleaning. Prevents the build up of bacteria and reduces / eradicates smells and leaching of protein contaminating the bottle

A flexible finger loop, (700mls level fill capacity) mls and fl Oz on opposing sides. Slide cap that doesn’t drip on you or poke you in the eye! The ShakeSphere Tumbler range is second to none for fast responsive functionality! BPA free CE and FDA approved.

Unscrew lid, place in supplements. Add powder, add water or milk. Screw lid back on. Ensure slide cap is in closed position (flush with the end of the lid) then shake for around 10s. When mixing soft fruits, add the soft fruit first without liquids shake vigorously for 10 seconds, then add water or milk or combine with supplements as per above. Drink as required. Hand wash shaker, stand on rack to dry or towel dry. If required the slide cap can be extracted by sliding fully open then exerting an upward force at the rear of the cap whilst continuing to open. You can then wash the cap and the top of the lid if necessary.

ShakeSphere tumbler is design for quick easy functional use. Cleaning is so easy you don’t even need to put it in the dishwasher. The engineered silicone is leak proof seal and is not suited to hot dishwasher temperatures.

No Mixing ball or mesh is required as the spherical capsule shape does the mixing for you. Because no supplements get stuck this saves you money, and eradicates issues cleaning the shaker.

Yes! We only use safe plastics in our products which don’t leach onto any harmful chemicals in liquid or food. These are FDA certified for safety.

Add 300mls Soapy Liquid Shake For 10 Seconds And Pour Out. Use Sponge Of Cloth If Additonal Cleaning Is Required.

All ShakeSphere slide cap can be taken out by sliding back and lifting out the slide cap. The silicone is precision engineered and is suited only to hand wash. Also the matte and frosted finish will be damaged in the dishwasher.

Yes! You can refrigerate and freeze all ShakeSphere Shakers.

Yes! ShakeSphere products are protected under multiple international patents.

All our products are designed in the UK and Manufactured in China.